Thunderdome I - Fuck Mellow, This is Hardcore from Hell!

We are in 1993, and this is the 1st Thunderdome release ever. . A real classic, if not the absolute classic! 18 tracks, all of them with their unique sound, raging from Oldskool Techno to Oldskool Hardcore. The speed is very variable, from low tempo ("Ritmo dell Diavolo") to high tempo (+200 BPM Vitamin's "Cosmic Trash"). It starts of with "B.O.T.T.R.O.P." by DJ Hooligan (I don't think there is a single Hardcore fan who does not know this one). Follows the famous "Terapia" by Ramirez (funny that old Thunderdomes had so many spanish stuff). Yes, one of the most famous Hardcore tracks ever, Rexanthony's "For you Marlene" is featured in this album. Another famous Oldskool tune is "Blood of an English Muffin", along with Bald Terror's (Paul Elstak) "Hardcore". Mokum is present with Dano's "Cosmic Trash", and I must also mention "El Punto Final" by Final Analyzis. What else to say? This CD is a classic filled with classics from the really early days of Hardcore. You can almost smell the dirty dippers! :P This was the first 100% dedicated Hardcore compilation ever, and ID&T was not responsible this release, altough related to ID&T's Thunderdome parties, of course! Mental Theo did a good job compiling this CD, and the artwork by Boris Vallejo (you can see the original painting in the F.A.Q. of this site) is simply awesome... one of the best covers of the series... or any Hardcore compilation by that fact. Quite hard and clearly ahead of its time, this album sold out very well, and was loved by either people into Hardcore and Industrial, but also Techno. There was no clear separation between styles back then, and the sound of this album proves that perfectly. If you only like recent Hardcore, you probably won't like this CD – but if you are an oldskool gabber, or simply an oldskool fan, you don't even need to read this review: you know this one by heart. As for getting your hands on this CD, prepare yourself for giving some serious money on eBay or looking hard in second hand shops (probably you will not find it there anyway) – this CD is quite rare. Altough I don't appreciate some of the tunes, this is an historical release, and a good one. 5 stars!

5th Raider