Thunderdome II - Back from Hell!

We are in 1993, and this is the 1st Thunderdome release this year. After the legendary Thunderdome I, this Thunderdome became a legend as well. This CD is extremely rare to find in Portugal, and it's a good bought, specially if you are a Thunderdome series collector. Something Bigger (here we go again mix) by Dj Dano, Fascination by Citrus, Boy's Interface by DJ Rob are some of the most known tracks you will find on this cd. The predominant style on this double pack is oldskool, nevertheless you will find lots of old Hardcore and even some Terror/Speedcore (back then it was simply called Hardcore), for eg. C-Tank - Resource, Sorcerer - The Silence. Cool tracks like Rabbit City 011 (progressive stuff) and When I'm Gone by Fazer 3D (some harsh Terror here, a real menace... great track, one of my favourites) are spread all over the 2 cds. Many classics on this compilation, including Dominating by The Prophet, and Critical Mass's Severe Trauma (which is an authentical Gabber classic, since it's so fucking good that it's featured in Tunnel of Terror 1, 6 years later! - listen to this while you are on this planet!). Tons of tracks in this CD are very well known and are featured in other Thunderdome cds, specially Best of's and mixes... Neophyte's Recession and I am the Master by Underground Nation of Rotterdam are 2 well-known tracks that simply show that even in 1993 Hardcore was simply the hardest stuff you could get in the techno galaxy... pretty much like nowadays anyway... Notice that, by incredible that it seems, this 2 tracks are exchanged in the cd...the tracklist is wrong... it's not ID&T's usual exchanging shit, because this CD ain't an ID&T compilation, but an Arcade compilation (altough ID&T was getting associated with Arcade at the time). Not even the Hardcore Wizard (yes, the old man in ID&T logo) shows up in this fact the only mention to ID&T is made in the special thanx section... :) This CD is really RARE, but if you find it, don't hesitate in buying it, because it's good. It has nice kicking tracks that even nowadays make gabbas bang their heads.. Not every gabber would like it, of course, but many would love it. A double CD that is part of the Hardcore history - an absolute classic.

5th Raider