Thunderdome III - The nightmare is back!

We are in 1993 and this is probably one of the best releases ever of the legendary series Thunderdome. And probably one of the hardest. Real Hardcore is what this awesome '93 album brings you. Starting hard and fucking fast with the "classic" Nonshlen Tustokken by Riot Squad ("As far back as I remember I always wanted to be a gangster"), this album sure kicks some serious ass. Listening to it nowadays is still a pleasure for every Hardcore fan. Featuring Thousand by Moby, world record of speed in 1993 (with 1000 BPMs!), this album will please both the oldskool fan (Kuadra - La Onda, a classic), and the terrorfreak! Even some stuff from old Rabbit City is here... Serious classics from Here's Johnny, to King of FFM by Nasty Django (Marc Acardipane), to The Passion (3) by Technohead, to the absolute universally known Fucking Hostile by Lenny Dee. And another Terror classic, also universally known: At war by The Leathernecks. Great! Tracks by Cellblock X, Mind Candy and Program 1 (the famous World Famous MF) can be found here. It's a pitty that Program 1 (the famous World Famous MF) is not the original, but the Live at Rotterdam version, much softer. Some harsh experimental hardcore can be found in the last tracks of CD1 and 2, divine stuff. Tumor - Tumult is quite ahead of it's time... and of course, Lasse Steen's (Zekt) External is something out of this world. This album is quite RARE to find. If you do have the luck to find it, don't hesitate in buying it. Specially if you are a Thunderdome collector...

5th Raider