Thunderdome IV - The Devil's Last Wish

4th Thunderdome, and also 4th and last of the year 1993. Thunderdome IV came with a very dark and beautiful cover, and with the title ("The Devil's Last Wish") this edition was one of the best concerning the relation cover/title/music. This compilation is one of the shortest (in numbers) of the first generation of Hardcore and Thunderdome. The CD1 is made by the greatest DJ's of that time, and the 2nd CD is entirely made by the original Dreamteam, great stuff indeed!

Some info about the songs:
CD1 - Track 03 are originally given as "Unknown Artist - Tutti Frutti (Rotterdam Mix)". This track is sourced from the Tutti Frutti EP on Brainstorm where the original artist is unknown.
CD1 - Track 05 are originally given as "Car & Driver - Passiv".
CD1 - Track 09 are originally given as "Nasty Django - SGE (1st Mob Mix)". DE 2017 is the category number of the EP from where track is sourced, Eyloco is another track.
CD1 - Track 16 are originally given as "Lenny Dee - Alpha 1".
Credit to Remix track CD1 - 19 is originally given to M. Steenbergen, the latter being a member of Rotterdam Termination Source.

Tracks you got to like:
"Ilsa Gold 2 - Silke (The Speedfreak Remix)" great sounds, "RMB Heaven & Hell E.P. - The Place To Be" simply beautiful, "Speedfreak - Red Poison Part 3" completely crazy, "Dano - About Us" great rhythm and sounds, "Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria" a really great track.

Thomas Marsin (SKiLL)